CCD has been updated

New versions of both dictionaries were uploaded to the site of CreateSpace recently. Main differences with the old versions are:

  • examples of the ancient form of the header characters have been added to almost every etymology. The examples are in the style of the small seal script. See the Introduction for more details.
  • a new component was added to section 13 to make it easier to find characters with phonetics like 占, 店, and 贞. Before these were listed under 上 in section 14. The new component is just the top part of these phonetics/series headers. The CTs of 上 and 止 were merged.
  • a Quick Start Guide was added to the Introduction. (with thanks to Renzo Haettenschwiler for these last two tips).

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After ten years working as database programmer in the Netherlands, I moved to China in 1991 and began to study Chinese. During my study of the language I started to develop my own character dictionary to help me with looking up and remembering characters. In 2016 it was self-published through Amazon. Since 2018 I have been living in Hong Kong, while still working on the dictionary and trying to get attention for it among potential customers.

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