Important update of the Chinese Character Dictionary

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Front cover of the CCD

Finally, somebody submitted a review on Amazon about the Chinese Character Dictionary. For me that was important, because sales had been very disappointing, and reviews almost entirely lacking. The person submitting the review gave the book four stars, and added that the only reason for not giving five stars was that the Main Components Table, the table you need to locate components, was ‘buried’ somewhere in the middle of the book, instead of being placed at the beginning or at the end, which would make it much easier to refer to it each time when you need it.

Personally, I never considered this a problem, because I almost never use the MCT, because I usually know in which category a component belongs, and so I only use the section header tables at the beginning of a section that corresponds with the category. I am sure that first time users of the CCD will get used finding characters without referring to the MCT too after a while.

Anyway, I have copied the MCT to the appendix at the end of the book, and also the list with categories and representatives. And many thanks to the person who submitted the review.

Besides this, the Introduction was amended at a few places, and some minor mistakes in the dictionary part were corrected. This latest update was uploaded on October 26 and new orders for the CCD will all be for this updated version.

The Simplified CCD and the pocket Simplified CCD have been updated in a similar way. A major update of the pocket CCD is in preparation.

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After ten years working as database programmer in the Netherlands, I moved to China in 1991 and began to study Chinese. During my study of the language I started to develop my own character dictionary to help me with looking up and remembering characters. In 2016 it was self-published through Amazon. Since 2018 I have been living in Hong Kong, while still working on the dictionary and trying to get attention for it among potential customers.

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