July free book promotion

Good news for all users of the CCD. Last month both the paperback and the e-book editions of the CCD were updated. For the most important changes please take a look at the post titled “June 2024 update”.

To celebrate this happy event another free e-book promotion will be held. The dates are Saturday, July 6 and Sunday, July 7. It should begin at 0:00 a.m. (midnight) Pacific Time, which corresponds to 7 a.m. UTC. Make sure that the sales price is 0.00 in whatever currency is used in your country.

Use the ‘Read Sample’ feature on the book details page to check that it is really the June 2024 update you are ordering. The date of the upload is displayed on one of the first pages of the book.

The simplified editions will be updated soon, hopefully this month (July). I’ll announce it in another post.

June 2024 update

An update of the e-book edition of the CCD was uploaded on June 16, 2024. This time only some minor corrections were implemented. Such as:

Introduction, Section “Radicals”: 噪 was moved from the middle columns to the right-hand column, because the phonetic 喿 is a compound ideograph. The etymological meaning of the phonetic is not hard to remember: “singing of birds on a tree”. The character 噪 is quite well-known, it is pronounced zào, and means “to chirp, to make noise”. It is probably just the new way of writing 喿.

Section 2, entry of [罗]:  网罗 (wăngluó, enlist the services of) was moved to the entry of the first character 网. Instead, 罗织 (luózhī, frame; cook up) and 罗织证据 (luózhī zhèngjù,  fabricate evidence) were added to the entry of [罗] as examples. Similar changes were implemented for the traditional form 羅.

Section 3, entry of 刻: 深刻 (shēn­kè, profound) was replaced by 刻意 (kèyì, meticulous) as an example word. 深刻 is also an example word for 深, the first character in this word, which is a more suitable place for it.

Section 5b, entry of 蠶: formatting of the example 蠶食 (cánshí, encroach on) was corrected and this example was also added to the simplified version [蚕] in Section 10.

Section 5c, entry of 斩: 大有斬獲<斩获> dà yŏu zhănhuò, great achievements) was added as an example.

Section 17, entry of 应: 应对 (yìngduì answer, respond, echo) was added as an example word.

Besides the above, formatting was corrected in many places.

These changes apply to the e-book of the complete CCD. Other editions will be corrected a.s.a.p.