June 2024 update

An update of the e-book edition of the CCD was uploaded on June 16, 2024. This time only some minor corrections were implemented. Such as:

Introduction, Section “Radicals”: 噪 was moved from the middle columns to the right-hand column, because the phonetic 喿 is a compound ideograph. The etymological meaning of the phonetic is not hard to remember: “singing of birds on a tree”. The character 噪 is quite well-known, it is pronounced zào, and means “to chirp, to make noise”. It is probably just the new way of writing 喿.

Section 2, entry of [罗]:  网罗 (wăngluó, enlist the services of) was moved to the entry of the first character 网. Instead, 罗织 (luózhī, frame; cook up) and 罗织证据 (luózhī zhèngjù,  fabricate evidence) were added to the entry of [罗] as examples. Similar changes were implemented for the traditional form 羅.

Section 3, entry of 刻: 深刻 (shēn­kè, profound) was replaced by 刻意 (kèyì, meticulous) as an example word. 深刻 is also an example word for 深, the first character in this word, which is a more suitable place for it.

Section 5b, entry of 蠶: formatting of the example 蠶食 (cánshí, encroach on) was corrected and this example was also added to the simplified version [蚕] in Section 10.

Section 5c, entry of 斩: 大有斬獲<斩获> dà yŏu zhănhuò, great achievements) was added as an example.

Section 17, entry of 应: 应对 (yìngduì answer, respond, echo) was added as an example word.

Besides the above, formatting was corrected in many places.

These changes apply to the e-book of the complete CCD. Other editions will be corrected a.s.a.p.

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After ten years working as database programmer in the Netherlands, I moved to China in 1991 and began to study Chinese. During my study of the language I started to develop my own character dictionary to help me with looking up and remembering characters. In 2016 it was self-published through Amazon. Since 2018 I have been living in Hong Kong, while still working on the dictionary and trying to get attention for it among potential customers.

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