Technical issues

Hardcover edition:

  • A 550 page limit has been set by Kindle for the production of hardcover books. For this reason there is no hardcover edition for the complete CCD, as it needs 678 pages. For the Simplified version there is a hardcover edition, which contains 549 pages, ten less than the paperback edition, on which it is based. A few pages were left out at the beginning to get under the 550 page limit, and two sections were a little compressed as far as blank spaces are concerned, without removing any information related to characters, (etymological) explanations, examples, etc.


  • Hyperlinks are not well represented. There is a thick red underline to indicate the hyperlink, which in some cases runs through the lower part of a character, making the character hard to distinguish from similar characters that have a bottom line.

Basic problems:

  • During the set-up of the system used in the CCD for locating characters, it was necessary to create about fifty so-called private characters. These are characters that do not have a Unicode representation, but that a user of Windows can make themselves. Examples of these are the bottom part of 畏 and the top part of 監, both of which are used in the CCD as MCT-components. They are represented correctly in PDF-documents, and therefore were used in the production of all editions of the CCD. The only problem is that they are now, with Windows 10 and 11, positioned a little higher compared with Unicode characters. This makes for a somewhat irregular appearance in the Main Components Table and Series Header Tables. There is not much that can be done about it at this moment, except for reporting the problem to Microsoft and hoping that the problem will be addressed sometime.